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Research & Data Analysis
Menapolis delivers actionable research and analysis to ensure our clients maximize their impact in local communities. Our regional expertise and networks allow us to conduct research in difficult-to -access contexts.
What We Do
Areas of expertise
Policy Research

Menapolis strives to enhance economic and public policy-making within the Arab world and beyond, by fostering high quality, policy-relevant research and disseminating it widely to decision-makers in the public and private sectors. Our data-driven analysis supports the formation of research-backed policy. Menapolis draws from the expertise of research fellows, consultants and affiliates. Menapolis funds and coordinates multiple research projects involving subjects of economic integration, good governance and conflict analysis.

Sector and Stakeholder analysis

Menapolis utilizes both qualitative and quantitative data to understand perceptions, influences, and positions of stakeholders in the respective sector and context of a development project.

Needs Assessment

Development interventions must take into account the needs of a community in order to be effective. Menapolis’ assessments identify the needs of a given community and the gaps between them and the existing conditions.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Menapolis designs and conducts evaluations to support clients in data-driven programming and measure their impact. Through desk research, surveys, and interviews with implementers and beneficiaries, Menapolis assesses the impact of programs and provides practical recommendations for future programming.

Capacity Building
With our in-depth knowledge of the region and our ability to operate in complex environments, Menapolis develops and implements projects for our clients to help them achieve their strategic objectives in the Middle East.

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What We Do
Areas of expertise
Capacity Building Trainings for Civil Society

An empowered civil society is an essential pillar of a healthy democracy. Through a combination of theoretical overviews, case studies, and practical exercises, Menapolis trainings seek to build the capacity of civil society members so that they can be more effective. Training curricula are customized to fit the specific needs and experiences of participants.

Media Development
With access to information often curtailed in the Middle East, Menapolis finds innovative ways to challenge existing narratives about the region. Whether it be through the creation of documentaries and online platforms or support to existing media networks, the Menapolis approach empowers local voices in the region and ensures that their stories are being shared.
What We Do

At the intersection of art and politics, Menapolis produces documentaries in cooperation with local journalists and filmmakers. These documentaries highlight important social and policy issues that may be misconstrued or insufficiently covered in mainstream media.

Online Platforms

Menapolis' online platforms, which range from single-issue news aggregation to political monitoring sites, seek to inform citizens about policy issues so that they can more effectively engage in the decision-making process.

Supporting existing Media

Menapolis' approach is to build up the capacity of local media. Whenever promising media initiatives are already in place, Menapolis provides technical assistance and guidance on the way to sustainable and independent media.

Media Training

Menapolis offers innovative approaches to media training that support journalism and media production professionals working in various forms.
Through innovative and interactive training, Menapolis aims to foster practitioners and thinkers in developing the mindset, tools, and skills to enhance their work with traditional and new media outlets.

Our media training addresses the following areas:

  • Journalism skills: training journalists in the production of news, analysis and response in the mediums of print, broadcast, photo and multimedia journalism. This training includes operating skills in traditional media and new media.
  • Investigative and citizen reporting: building journalists’ capacity in critically selecting citizenship topics and doing their own research and analysis.
  • Digital media: building journalists’ capacity in using electronic media.
  • Production and development of political shows: supporting traditional and existing media in producing their political shows.
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