Why does Institutional Development Matter for MENA's Manufacturing Sector?
This policy paper by Mahmoud Araissi and Ali Fakih explores the need for institutional (financial, governance, legal) development to enhance the capacity, quality and the competiveness of the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector is ...Read more
The Role of the Middle East Commercial Center (MECC) and the Private Sector
Established by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in February 2014, the Middle East Commercial Center (MECC) aims to synthesize lessons learned from previous attempts to promote trade and economic growth in the MENA region via its comprehensive, ...Read more
Addressing Illicit Financial Flows and Capital Flight in the MENA
 The MENA has long suffered from capital flight for a number of reasons – resource-based economies, corruption, weak governance, economic underdevelopment, political instability, and a less developed financial ...Read more
Towards a New Integrated Labor Policy in the Arab World
The status and nature of labor and employment across the region was one of the underlying causes of the Arab uprisings and remains a major problem today. Long overlooked or discarded as unrealistic before the current transition, the integration of ...Read more
Public Perceptions on Transitional Justice in Syria
This publication named Report of Findings from Focus Group Research: Public Perceptions on Transitional Justice in Syria was written by Menapolis and produced at the request of IWPR with the objective of sharing information in support of ...Read more
Local Governance Inside Syria : Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations
This article named "Local Councils: An Opportunity Not to Be Lost" was written by Marwan Maalouf in the report Local Governance Inside Syria - Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations published by IWPR. This ...Read more
Implementing Effective, Equitable and Participatory Long-Term Post Conflict Development Aid in Syria
This policy paper was written by Sami Halabi and published by Menapolis with the support of Freedom House. The paper seeks to provide recommendations regarding the long-term dispersal and management of aid funding in order to assist the ...Read more
Syria at the Crossroads: Paving the Path Ahead with International Law and Comparative Examples
This policy paper was written by Monica Leonardo and published by Menapolis with the support of Freedom House. This policy paper examines the measures vital for a successful and legitimate transitional justice strategy in Syria. ...Read more
Local Councils in Syria: A Sovereignty Crisis in Liberated Areas
This policy paper was written and published by Menapolis with the support of Freedom House. This policy paper analyzes and evaluates local administrative councils (LACs), the nascent revolutionary governing structures that began forming across ...Read more
Dialogue and local response mechanisms to conflict between host communities and Syrian refugees in Lebanon
This conflict scan was commissioned by Search for Common Grounds and implemented by Menapolis. This report has been produced with the support of the European Union and the UNHCR. Nizar Ghanem has contributed to this publication as ...Read more
Perspectives from Syria
This report named Perspectives from Syria - Collection of Essays Two Years into the War contains 10 articles written by Dr. Hassan Abbas, Mazen Azzi, Kholoud al-Zghayar, Omar al-As’ad, Nariman Amer, Adnan ...Read more
Transitional Justice: A Handbook for Journalists, Citizens and Activists
This report was written by Mustafa Haid, Jeremy Sarkin, Marwan Maalouf, Mariam Abdullah, Youssef Kanaan, Alia Ahmad, Radwan Ziadeh and Wael Sawah and was published by IWPR. This handbook for journalists, citizens and activists takes a look at ...Read more
The second destruction: Syria and the upcoming reconstruction
This article was written by Nazar Ghanem and published by openDemocracy. The Syrian social movement has to be conscious of the necessity of establishing a just economy. Strong checks need to be built against the post-war government so ...Read more
Tunisia, beware Lebanon's fate; Nation must safeguard precious gains and build a capable democracy
This article was written by Marwan Maalouf and originally published by New York Daily News. Tunisians have achieved something unique in the Arab world: a sustained popular uprising that ousted a dictator. Despite the appearance of ...Read more
Breaking the Stalemate in Syria
This report was written by Marwan Maalouf and Khattar Torbey and was published by POMED, Project on Middle East Democracy. In early 2011, when popular uprisings began to sweep the Middle East, policymakers and pundits alike presumed ...Read more
Tunisia election results: Islamists are major power, but all is not lost for secularists
This article was written by Marwan Maalouf and Jesse Biroscak and published in The Christian Science Monitor. With the Islamist Al Nahda party emerging as the dominant power, Tunisia's election results have disappointed ...Read more
The Arab revolutions and challenges for peacebuilding
This report was written by Nizar Ghanem. This background paper has been produced for a workshop on “NGO Peacebuilding Innovations” convened by Peacebuild in Ottawa on July 15 th, 2011 with the support of the Canadian Department ...Read more
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