Perspectives from Syria

This report named Perspectives from Syria - Collection of Essays Two Years into the War contains 10 articles written by Dr. Hassan Abbas, Mazen Azzi, Kholoud al-Zghayar, Omar al-As’ad, Nariman Amer, Adnan Abdelrazzak, Maher Massoud, Bassem Dabbagh, Maxime Abu Diab and Iyad al-Abdallah. This report was published by Menapolis.


After the failure of possible solutions, the current conflict opened Syria up to war, sharp political divisions, and the threat of a vertical split. How will Syrian collective memory be shaped? How will Syrian thinkers deal with this period?

Collective memory is a reference for all citizens, even if they are not bound by a natural or intimate relationship. A citizenship that expresses a common history assumes a shared recollection of significant events in national history. This doesn’t mean that individual citizens carry the burden of mistakes or crimes committed by those with the same nationality. The massacre of Hama in 1982 as well as the slaughter currently taking place in Syria are two aspects of the collective memory of Syrians that will remain so for generations to come. But the burden of those crimes only falls on those who conceptualized, planned, ordered, and executed them.

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