Empowering Democratic Activists for MENA Advancement (EDAMA)

Menapolis was one of the partners selected to train on "good governance and advocacy" in a project called Engaging Democratic Activists for MENA Advancement (EDAMA) led by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Menapolis designed the training curriculum supporting EDAMA with the techincal expertise, training and content material. 


The goal of the EDAMA project was to connect 100 civil society members from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan, and to provide them with a training program over a course of 18 months. The project promotes activists’ engagement in the ongoing and rising regional democratic transitions and reform. Through face-to-face and virtual learning exchanges, EDAMA strengthens activist networks, develops functional advocacy and organizing skill sets, and promotes collaboration between civil society members. Over the course of the program, EDAMA transforms the trainee into the trainer. The program then ends with a participant-organized session on lessons learned. 

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