Conflict resolution training in Rabat, Morocco

For the third consecutive year, Menapolis conducted a training with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Student Leaders Program. The MEPI Student Leaders Program is a leadership training porgram in the U.S. for Arab undergraduates. Approximately 100 students from around the region participated in a six-week program in summer 2014, joining over 1500 program alumni across the region. 

Program participants were assigned to one of six host institutions in the United States, where they participated in courses on leadership, conflict resolution, the role of civil society in the democratic process, and social and political change management.  After a five-week residency at the host institution, participants took part in a one-week study tour designed to complement and reinforce the concepts explored in the academic residency. The alumni development conference, which was held in Rabat brought about 70 participants from all over the region. 


Nizar Ghanem and Nizar Armine from Menapolis conducted a conflict resolution training during this conference. Through interactive methodology, participants were encouraged to explore issues of interpersonal and intercommunal conflicts. The trainers encouraged participants to study and analyze the structural roots of conflict and placed it in the historical and social context of the region. 

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