False Alarm screened in Oslo

Menapolis screened the documentary False Alarm at the 2015 Human Rights Human Wrongs Documentary Film Festival as part of a special Syria-focused screening “Syria Differently - The Third Syrian Narrative”. 

The screening of False Alarm took place on February 12 2015 at 9:30 pm. 


False Alarm

A documentary film by Firas Zbib (2014)

It is a documentary about revolution, exile, death, hope, victory and defeat. Told by young Syrians, filming each other's journeys and holding on to their cameras like they were the only proof of existence, it is a story about a country that has become unrecognizable to its own inhabitants.

The documentary follows them through the laughter and the tears, until it is no longer clear whether they are happy to have found their freedom or sad that the revolution no longer resembles them. 



18:00 We Cannot Go There Now, My Dear (43 mins)

19:00 Panel with Ziad Majed and Maren Næss Olsen (55 mins)

20:00 The Immortal Sergeant (73 mins)

21:30 False Alarm (58 mins)


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