This policy paper by Mahmoud Araissi and Ali Fakih explores the need for institutional (financial, governance, legal) development to enhance the capacity, quality and the competiveness of the ... Read More
Established by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in February 2014, the Middle East Commercial Center (MECC) aims to synthesize lessons learned from previous attempts to promote trade and economic ... Read More
For the third consecutive year, Menapolis conducted a training with the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) Student Leaders Program. The MEPI Student Leaders Program is a leadership training ... Read More
Following the 2011 uprisings in the MENA region, Menapolis saw the new challenges leading regional activists faced: the need to move from activism to advocacy, and the development of strong ... Read More
Menapolis was one of the partners selected to train on "good governance and advocacy" in a project called Engaging Democratic Activists for MENA Advancement (EDAMA) led by the ... Read More
Menapolis founded Khamsoon, a platform dedicated to the exchange of ideas and actionable policy research on the Arab economic integration and the reforms necessary to boost growth, employment, ... Read More
In the summer of 2014, Menapolis co-produced False Alarm, a documentary that brings stories of Syria’s revolution. ”False Alarm” tells the story of Syria today. It is the story of a ... Read More
Menapolis is a research and programmatic consultancy based in Istanbul, Turkey, and Beirut, Lebanon. We have our roots in the region, and we understand its unique needs and challenges. We believe that profound and lasting change stems from original, empathetic understanding of the countries and communities in which we work. Read More
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Capacity Building
Media Development
Based on our regional and policy expertise and insights from our extensive local networks, Menapolis' research products deliver insightful, actioanble analysis. Menapolis conducts a variety of assessments for our clients that enable them to tailor their projects to the specific contexts in which they are working. In providing reliable information about the operating enviornment, Menapolis ensures that our clients maximize their impact and serve local communities.
With our in-depth knowledge of the region and our ability to operate in complex environments, Menapolis develops and implements programs for our clients that help them achieve their strategic objectives in the Middle East.

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With access to information often curtailed in the Middle East, Menapolis finds innovative ways to challenge existing narratives about the region. Whether it be through the creation of documentaries and online platforms or support to existing media networks, the Menapolis approach empowers local voices in the region and ensures that their stories are being shared.
Recent Publications
Why does Institutional Development Matter for MENA's Manufacturing Sector?
This policy paper by Mahmoud Araissi and Ali Fakih explores the need for institutional (financial, ... Read More
The Role of the Middle East Commercial Center (MECC) and the Private Sector
Established by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in February 2014, the Middle East Commercial ... Read More
Addressing Illicit Financial Flows and Capital Flight in the MENA
 The MENA has long suffered from capital flight for a number of reasons – ... Read More
Towards a New Integrated Labor Policy in the Arab World
The status and nature of labor and employment across the region was one of the underlying causes of ... Read More
Public Perceptions on Transitional Justice in Syria
This publication named Report of Findings from Focus Group Research: Public Perceptions on ... Read More
Local Governance Inside Syria : Challenges, Opportunities and Recommendations
This article named "Local Councils: An Opportunity Not to Be Lost" was written by ... Read More
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