Menapolis is a research and programmatic consultancy based in Istanbul, Turkey, and Tunis, Tunisia. We have our roots in the region, and we understand its unique needs and challenges. We believe that profound and lasting change stems from original, empathetic understanding of the countries and communities in which we work.

This belief underpins our commitment to delivering innovative research, analysis, and actionable programming in each of our core issue areas. We’re committed to an integrated approach that links direct action with public policy research, and grassroots experience with international experience. Together, we are more than a consultancy: we are a transformation laboratory for one of the world’s most dynamic and difficult regions.


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 فرصة عمل: محرر لموقع أخباري. تعلن مؤسسة مينابولس عن رغبتها في تعيين محرر لموقع أخباري ناطق باللغة العربية في أحد مكاتبها في اسطنبول مع خبرة في مجال وسائل الإعلام والتحرير الصحفي لإدارة موقع إلكتروني إخباري قيد التأسيس مخصص للصراع الدائر في سوريا.
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Highlighting local voices from the Syrian revolution

Menapolis, in partnership with the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), brought together 11 writers from Syria to discuss issues such as national memory, gender and revolution, Islamization, urban transformation, and local governance. In an era of instantaneous impressions on social media, these essays offer nuanced consideration of the underappreciated consequences of the Syrian revolution, and represent an effort to highlight Syrian voices in discussion of the urgent issues affecting their society. The final publication, “Perspectives from Syria,” will provide in-depth perspective on challenges in the Syrian transition process, and offer actionable recommendations.


Local Councils in Syria: A Sovereignty Crisis in Liberated Areas
This policy paper analyzes and evaluates local administrative councils (LACs), the nascent revolutionary governing structures that began forming across Syria as cities and towns asserted autonomy from the Assad regime.  

Syria at the Crossroads: Paving the Path Ahead with International Law and Comparative Examples
This policy paper examines the measures vital for a successful and legitimate transitional justice strategy in Syria. Although the outcome of the Syrian conflict remains uncertain, it is necessary to propose what characteristics a potential reconciliation process must encompass. [+] READ MORE

Implementing Effective, Equitable and Participatory Long-Term Post Conflict Development Aid in Syria
This paper seeks to provide recommendations regarding the long-term dispersal and management of aid funding in order to assist the Syrian people in rebuilding their nation following the cessation of major hostilities. The recommendations in this paper describe a framework to ensure any aid provision is effective, equitable, and realistic, while avoiding fostering aid dependency. [+] READ MORE

The second destruction: Syria and the upcoming reconstruction [MARCH 2013]
The Syrian social movement has to be conscious of the necessity of establishing a just economy. Strong checks need to be built against the post-war government so that all Syrians understand the conditions of aid and consequences of reconstruction plans on their lives and the lives of their children. [-] READ MORE

Breaking the Stalemate in Syria [DECEMBER 2011]
After nine months of protests, the conflict between the Syrian regimeand the opposition movement has reached a stalemate with neither side gaining ground. Since its establishment in early September[-] READ MORE